INRiM’s Metrology Day

On 20 May 1875, the signature of the Metre Convention laid the foundation for a common and shared measurement system. Every year, the World Metrology Day is celebrated around the world on 20 May to commemorate this event.
he theme of the 2021 edition is measurement of health

INRiM celebrates the World Metrology Day 2021 by presenting its research in the field of health with a series of events

  • a conference INRiM: present and future of metrology for health, attended by Prof. Maria Cristina Messa, Minister of University and Research;
  • two workshops, Health and Metrology: a journey through diagnostics and therapeutic techniques and Health and Metrology: a journey through food safety, viruses (SARS-CoV-2) and advanced microscopy, during which INRiM researchers will present the results of their research and discuss with the participating scientists;
  • a Social live, shared space for citizens to help them understand INRiM's research activities for health; 
  • on the previous day, three events will bring students closer to the themes of metrology and health.

INRiM is the Italian national metrological institute that supports quality of life and health through the expertise learnt over time in the fields of: development and characterisation of materials, identification and validation of contaminants and biomarkers, development of quantitative methods for food analysis, medical imaging methods and diagnostic/therapeutic tools.

Thanks to health metrology, it is possible to deliver sustainable, safe and reliable health services anywhere in the world. More accurate and reliable measurements enable more precise diagnoses, safer and more effective treatments and an enhanced evaluation of new medical techniques and procedures.


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