World Metrology Day 2020

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World Metrology Day (WMD) is the anniversary of the Metro Convention (CM). This treaty signed on May 20th, 1875, was the first step to create the internationally recognised measurement system that we call today the International System of Units (SI).

This year, WMD's theme is "Measurements for Global Trade" to highlight how metrology that is the science of measurement has always promoted trade. Indeed, representatives of the seventeen nations, who signed the CM, started the present world metrological organisation not only to foster science and technology but also to facilitate trade at a global level. For the 62 Member States and 40 Associated States of CM, these goals remain as important as in 1875.

Metrology helps to ensure not only the quantity but also the quality of goods because we base our measures on rules defining quality standards. Products need to meet these standards to circulate within the global market. Compliance with these rules is a guarantee and, therefore, consumer protection.

The interviews and videoconferences realised by INRIM to celebrate World Metrology Day show the contribution that the science of measures keeps offering to support and facilitate global trade.


Monday 18 May 2020

How scientific research promotes global trade - Interview with Marco Pisani

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Measuring time for the global trade - Interview with Ilaria Sesia

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Metrology, a passport for international trade - Video talk by Vito Fernicola (in Italian)

Metrology for accurate measures in medicine - Video talk by Carla Divieto (in Italian)

Thursday 21 May 2020

Unquestionable energy bills for trains and subways - Interview with Domenico Giordano 

Testing and metrology for the validation of electric products - Video talk by Paolo Roccato (in Italian)

Friday 22 May 2020

Food metrology - Video talk by Francesca Durbiano (in Italian)

Coordinate-measuring machine, detail


The physicist Marco Pisani works at INRIM, in the Department for Applied Metrology and Engineering. His primary research interests focus on atomic-scale dimensional measurements for nanometrology, interferometry on long distances for industry and geodesy, and measurement instrumentation for space applications.
Dr Pisani tells us how important are the connections between the science of measurement and global trade. Read the interview.

Measuring time for global trade
Clock display from time laboratory


If we talk about global trade, we can’t avoid thinking about raw materials, products, money as well as information flows that set in motion the world wide market.

The effectiveness of transportations, communications, and financial transactions can’t overlook a key factor: time.

We discussed the relationship between time and trade with Ilaria Sesia, researcher on time metrology aspects from INRiM Quantum Metrology and Nanotechnologies Division. Read the interview.

Regional Train


In the energy sector, we can find many examples of measurements facilitating global trade. Let’s see, in details, the energy used by trains and subways. The European research project MyRailS, coordinated by INRIM, aims at providing accurate measurements of energy used in the railway system to establish the correct amount of the bill, which is always a sensitive issue!

Domenico Giordano, the INRIM researcher who is leading this project, explains MyRailS’ contribution to the global trade. Read the interview.

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