EMPIR Joint Research Project 14RPT01 ACQ-PRO Final Meeting

05/24/2018 to 05/25/2018
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The Final Meeting of the EMPIR Joint Research Project 14RPT01 ACQ-PRO will be held at INRIM from May 24 to May 25, 2018.

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"Towards the propagation of AC quantum voltage standards"


Supporting industry through increased access to AC quantum voltage references

The Josephson effect is well established as a primary quantum standard for DC voltage, and over the last decade, there has been substantial research activity on AC quantum voltage references to meet the demand for applied AC measurements in industry and scientific research. Currently only a few NMIs in Europe have quantum standards that can be extended to other voltage levels and frequencies for use by industrial calibration laboratories.

This project will develop European measurement and research capacity by providing European NMIs and Designated Institutes (DIs) with access to AC quantum voltage references, where access to such facilities is currently limited. The increased number of NMIs using AC quantum voltage standards will facilitate the diversification of research and development of specific industrial applications across a wide range of electrical metrology.

The project will also contribute to the improvement of calibration capabilities, as AC quantum voltage standards affect around 70 % of NMIs’ calibration activities.

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