INRIM Open Labs for the World Metrology Day

INRIM balloon for the World Metrology Day

20 MAY
2 PM - 8 PM

10135 TORINO

(6 PM)


On Sunday 20th May, the Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, the Italian National Metrology Institute, is organising, in collaboration with the Association CentroScienza Onlus, its first Open Day to celebrate World Metrology Day 2018 (WMD)

The WMD is the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention by representatives of 17 countries on May 20th, 1875. This treaty paved the way for the establishment of a shared language to express measurents all over the world: the International System of units. In the following years, metrology institutes were founded in order to guarantee the reliable and comparable measurements that science, industry and commerce needed.The INRIM Open Day is intended to be both a celebration and an opportunity to learn what researchers do in a metrology institute and what is going to change in the science of measurements.

Logo of the new International System of units

The International System of measurement units, which never ceased to evolve to meet the requirements of the modern wold, is standing indeed at an historical turning point.
The measurement units we use in our daily life will remain the same, but they will be redefined. The new International System will use the rules of nature to create the rules of measurement.

Join our Open Day to discover it!



2pm   Opening of the campus
2pm - 6pm  

Visits to the INRIM laboratories

Metrological entertainment and beyond

Facebook contest: the best amateur metrologists will win an air balloon ride!

Exhibition of the posters realised by the students of the Institute of Art and Design of Turin (IAAD) for the international contest that selected the official poster of the World Metrology Day 2018


Conference by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, "The measure of things, from Eratostenes to Verne"
(entrance to the conference until seats are available)

6:45pm   Prize-giving of Luana Rosi, the IAAD student who suggested the slogan "Constant Evolution", chosen for the World Metrology Day 2018

Meeting 4 INRIM researchers to talk about:

"Will we weigh more? Will we weigh less? 
What's happening to the kilogram in the new International System of measurement units?"

"INRIM and the environment: how much carbon dioxide, produced by human activity, is responsible for the green-house effect?"

"INRIM and the energy saving: green trains and subways are on their way"

"Quantum INRIM: how photons can protect our credit card"

Piergiorgio Odifreddi will moderate the discussion


Questions from the audience

8:00pm   End of the Open Day


We are sorry, all the talks will be held in Italian only.
However, inside the laboratories, information will be provided in English as well, upon request.

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