Noisy propagation of coherent states in a lossy Kerr medium

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Ore 11
Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM)
Conference Room, Building B

Matteo Paris
Applied Quantum Mechanics
Physics Department
Università degli Studi di Milano



We identify and discuss nonlinear phase noise arising in Kerr self-phase modulation of a coherent light pulse propagating through an attenuating medium with third-order nonlinearity in a dispersion-free setting.
This phenomenon, accompanying the standard unitary Kerr transformation of the optical field, is described with high accuracy as Gaussian phase diffusion with parameters given by closed expressions in terms of the system properties.

We show that the irreversibility of the nonlinear phase noise ultimately limits the ability to transmit classical information in the phase variable over a lossy single-mode bosonic channel with Kerr-type nonlinearity.

The derived model can be also used to estimate the amount of squeezing attainable through self-phase modulation in a Kerr medium with distributed attenuation.

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