Precise measurements of density and refractive index for fluids, including seawater

Picture of a sphere for density measurements

2:30 pm
INRIM, Conference Room

Yohei Kayukawa
Senior Researcher in Fluid Property Standards Group
Research Institute of Engineering Measurement
National Metrology Institute of JAPAN (NMIJ)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)



In the Fluid Properties Standard Group of NMIJ, metrological standards for density, visosity, and refractive index are provieded. The primary density standard of density is based on techniques to establish the Avogadro constant determination.

The silicon density standard technology is applied to evaluate PVT Property of refrigerants that is needed from HVAC&R industry. It is also a key to measure sea water density with small uncertainty.

A refractive index standard for liquids have been also developed to make sure SI traceability in BRIX measurement.

Biographical Sketch

In 2003, Yohei Kayukawa received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Keio University of Japan (Koichi Watanabe Laboratories) for measurements of densities for alternative refrigerants.

From 2003, he joined as researcher at the Fluid Properties Section of the National Metrology Institute of Japan, AIST.

He worked to provide and maintain solid/liquid density standards. Also he developed metrological standards for PVT property of gas/liquids, liquid refractive index, and sea water density.

From 2010, he is Guest Assoc. Professor at Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)

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