Quantum thermodynamics: quantum coherence, nonclassicality and applications

Picture of Matteo Lostaglio

3 pm
INRIM, Conference Room

Matteo Lostaglio
ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences



The talk will present an overview of recent results in the field of non-equilibrium quantum thermodynamics.

The first part will show how dealing with the thermodynamic role of superpositions requires an extension of traditional entropic relations. Then, two applications will be mentioned:

  • "minimal decoherence theorem" (which allows to extend the qubit relation between decoherence and relaxation times)
  • The derivation of provably optimal heat-bath algorithmic cooling protocols that, surprisingly, can be approximated within a standard Jaynes-Cummings interaction with a single bosonic bath and could hence be experimentally feasible.

Finally, the focus will be on measuring work fluctuations in the quantum regime, why it relates to an experiment to demonstrate contextuality, and how close to ideal such an experiment has to be to prove nonclassicality. 



Overview of resource theory approach to thermo: arXiv: 1807.11549 

Superpositions in thermodynamics: Nat. Comm. 6, 6383 (2015), PRX 5, 021001 (2015), 

Minimal decoherence theorem: PRA 96, 032109 (2017),

Application to cooling: arXiv: 1807.07974 

Nonclassicality in work fluctuations: PRL 120, 040602 (2018) (overview: 1805.10096) 

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