MEMQuD - Memristive devices as quantum standard for nanometrology


From June 2021, INRiM, with the collaboration of 14 European metrological, academic and industrial partners, is the promoter and the coordinator of the MEMQuD project.

The overall aim of the project is to investigate and exploit quantized conductance effects in MemQuDs, the electrical resistance switches that couple ionics (i.e. dynamics of ions) with electronics. In particular, the project will focus on the development of memristive model systems and on nanometrological characterization techniques at the nanoscale level to study memristive devices, to establish a relationship in between material properties and device functionalities and to better understand and control the quantized effects in memristive devices. 

Memristive devices (MemQuDs), besides representing one of the most promising candidates for the hardware realization of brain-inspired computing with neuromorphic-type of data processing, offer a promising platform to observe quantum effects in air, at room temperature, and without an applied magnetic field. For this reason, they can be traced to fundamental physics constants fixed in the revised International System of Units (SI) for the realisation of a standard of resistance. 

Such an outcome would enable not only the realization of a standard of resistance implementable on-chip for self-calibrating systems with zero-chain traceability in accordance with the revised SI but also memristive systems for neuromorphic computing.

Last modified: 07/27/2021 - 12:08