NanoWires - High throughput metrology for nanowire energy harvesting devices


INRiM, is EMPIR NanoWires’ partner, a metrology project involving 12 European countries and University, 17 laboratories and way more researchers. 

The project, lasting 36 months from September 2020 to August 2023, aims to develop reliable and high throughput metrology for the quality control of NW energy harvesting systems

These energy harvesting devices have much potential to address our world energy problems, but due to nanometre (nm) dimensions of the wires and large size (m2) of the devices, they also bring challenges for testing and characterisation. Average properties of energy harvesting devices can be measured, but a quantitative link and correlation between the performance of single NWs and that of the overall device is lacking.

So the project will devise new measurement methods to better understand the performance of energy harvesting devices based on vertical nanowires, including in solar cells. It will also devise methods and models to support the production of nanowire devices. New reference materials, calibration standards, and prototype measurement technologies will be produced, and measurement certainties for doping concentration and thermal conductivity measurements demonstrated. 

The technologies and methods developed in the project are expected to point to new ways to improve the performance and quality of nanowire energy harvesting devices, so encourage support for this approach to supporting Europe’s future demands for renewable energy.

Last modified: 07/30/2021 - 11:11