Patrizia Tavella of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) of Sévres and Giovanni Mana of the National Institute of Metrological Research (INRiM) "for their original and important contributions to the measurement of time and the definition of mass" will be awarded with the prestigious "Enrico Fermi" Prize  for those who have made important contributions in physics with their discoveries. 

The Prize, established in 2001 for the centenary of the birth of Fermi from Italian Physical Society (SIF), will be assigned on Monday 14 September, during theInaugural Ceremony of the 106th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society, which will be held online this year. The winners are identified by a commission of experts appointed by SIF, CNR, INAF, INFN, INGV, INRIM and Centro Fermi.

Tavella, Director of the "Time" department of the BIPM in Sèvres  and responsible in past years of the INRIM section dedicated to the study of time and frequency, dedicates his research activity to the development of mathematical and statistical algorithms for the definition of time scales and the characterization of the efficiency of atomic clocks, with numerous collaborations in Italy and Europe. Mana, research manager at INRIM, played a key role in redefining the kilogram through universal physical constants, which allowed the material sample of the kilogram to be definitively abandoned. His research is dedicated to the theoretical and mathematical aspects of precision measurements aimed at redefining the International System of units of measurement.

The two researchers thanks to the research structures and research groups with which they shared their work. The Prize represents, as Mana says,  “the appreciation of my work and that of my present and past colleagues without whom no result would have been obtained”, while Tavella remembers and thanks  “the INRIM team involved in the Galileo project, the European navigation system, and all the students and collaborators for the dedication, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, commitment, and joy that have allowed learn and build important skills”.

Last modified: 08/06/2020 - 15:23