From bulk to nano

A nanodevice in a microchip
Bulk meets nano

Research on nanoscience and materials is carried out at INRIM from both fundamental and technological perspectives. Nanoscience explores matter behaviour on scales of the same order of atomic and molecular sizes (from 1 to 100 nanometres), where the physical properties are totally different from those on micro- and macroscopic scales, since phenomena are controlled by quantum physics. New measurement technologies and standard realisation for near future metrology are indeed based on quantum effects.

Basic research on magnetic, electrical, optical and thermodynamic properties of matter is supplemented by the development of techniques for the realisation of quantum standards of the measurement units, as well as for innovative materials and nanostructured devices typical of emerging technologies, such as photonics, spintronics and nanoelectronics.

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Piedmont Laboratory for nanofabrication through electron and ion beam

The laboratory, funded by Compagnia di San Paolo and opened in 2009, hosts the following equipment:

  • Quanta 3D FEG DualBeam, dual beam microscope equipped with field-emission electron source (SEM-FEG) and focused ion optics (FIB) for 2D and 3D material characterisation and sample preparation through ion milling
  • InspectF, scanning electron microscope with field-emission source (SEM-FEG) for high-resolution material inspection and sample elemental analysis through energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS)
  • X'Pert PRO MPD, multipurpose X-ray diffractometer for thin film analysis (glancing angle geometry) and for bulk materials (conventional Bragg-Brentano geometry)

Contact details:

Luca Boarino, Emanuele Enrico, Elena Olivetti

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