Nanostructures and devices

Nanometre-scale materials and devices for future technologies

Technological innovation in high value-added production is encouraged by the increasing demand of faster, smarter and less expensive products. Such requirements are often satisfied by using micro- and nanoscale devices and three-dimensional architectures based on nanostructured systems. The study of their fundamental physical properties and nano-scale measuring capabilities are needed to satisfy the traceability demand in emerging technological areas such as spintronics, nanoelectronics and additive manufacturing.

Through its thin film deposition, nanolithography and nanofabrication facilities INRIM is able to realise and characterise, even at cryogenic temperatures, a variety of nanostructures:

  • spintronic and logic devices for metrology, sensors and data storage
  • thin films and magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical and multifuctional devices
  • superconducting nanoSQUIDs for fundamental physics studies, for the electrical and photometric units and for aerospace and biomedical applications
  • single photon sources and optical guide-coupled nanostructures
  • materials with optical properties designed from the off, to be used in environment monitoring and photonics
  • nanoscale length standards realised by means of electron lithography and self-assembly techniques
Projects in progress
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