New primary standards and traceability for radiometry (NEWSTAR)
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NEWSTAR both complements and builds on some excellent results of the recent iMERA - Plus Joint Research Project T1.J2.3 qu-Candela “Candela: Towards quantum based photon standards”, where the feasibility of a new radiometric standard based on photoelectric effect in silicon semiconductor, working at liquid nitrogen temperature, called Predictable Quantum Efficiency Detector (PQED) was demonstrated. The responsivity of the PQED was predicted on the basis of fundamental constants and material parameters.

The main goal of NEWSTAR is to develop a primary standard for radiometry which has approximately the same cost and functionality as transfer standard detectors thus enabling NMIs to actually build the primary standard into different applications taking full advantage of its properties. In a unique way, dissemination of reduced uncertainties will be achieved by implementing the best features of the primary standard into other measurement realisations.

Last modified: 11/03/2017 - 17:09