Quantum electrical metrology

Quantum measurements and new devices to realise the electrical units

Electrical metrology is strongly connected to the development of quantum technologies, that allow to realise the electrical measurement units directly on the basis of fundamental constants, such as the electron charge and the Plank constant, whose value is universal and unchanging in time and space. INRIM realises the electrical voltage quantum standard in variable regime, based on the Josephson effect and the electrical resistance standard through the quantum Hall effect.

Single electron devices for electrical current metrology as well as superconducting detectors for single photon counting in the visible and infrared spectrum are designed and realised using innovative materials and processes.

Part of our activity is devoted to the metrology of electromagnetic quantities: resistance, electrical voltage and current in direct and alternating regime, electrical power and energy, electrical impedance, radiofrequency and microwave quantities. The corresponding units of the International System are disseminated in our Country.

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