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Quantum electrical metrology experiments which realise the SI units are performed with integrated quantum solid-state circuits embedded in complex measurement networks. The design, analysis and simulation of the devices, and of their interaction with the measurement environment has a complexity that asks for dedicated software.

INRIM welcomes the use of the software here presented by the interested researchers: please contact the developers for further information and possible collaboration.

One megaohm QHARS circuit schematic

Quantum Hall Array Resistance Standards (QHARSs) are integrated circuits composed of interconnected quantum Hall effect elements that allow the realisation of virtually arbitrary resistance values.

INRIM and Politecnico di Torino have jointly developed a general and systematic procedure for the error modelling of interconnected networks of QHE elements, such as QHARS [1-4].

The application QHARSmachine, implemented as a Mathematica notebook, performs the electrical simulation with arbitrary numerical precision. The input data are the layout of the network and the set of stray resistances of all interconnections. The application outputs an estimate (with uncertainty) of the relative deviation of the QHARS value from the corresponding nominal value.

The application is distributed on the GitHub repository:


The authors welcome the interested researchers to contact them for possible collaborations:

Martina Marzano, INRIM and Politecnico Torino, m.marzano@inrim.it
Massimo Ortolano, Politecnico Torino, massimo.ortolano@polito.it
Luca Callegaro, INRIM, l.callegaro@inrim.it


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