Quality of Life

We measure to improve your quality of life

INRIM develops knowledge and promotes innovation to support life sciences and quality of life. With reference to the European research programmes focused on the Societal Challenges, activities are focused on the development of the metrological science in the fields of biomedical applications, food, environment and energy. In these areas of activity, the institute cooperates with public bodies and private companies to meet the needs of the country for the citizen wellbeing and the environmental protection.

INRIM realises primary standards and guarantees traceability for kelvin and mole units. It develops technologies, innovative measurement systems and methods of analysis in the fields of interest, with particular attention to the scientific and technological applications of the thermal and chemical metrology.

METROFOOD-RI Infrastructure
Logo of the Metrofood Infrastructure

METROFOOD-RI is a European Research Infrastructure project listed as “Emerging” on the 2016 Roadmap of the Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures.

METROFOOD-RI will promote different activities supporting data collection and measurement reliability, as well as basic and frontier research in food and nutrition.

Contact details: Andrea Mario Rossi a.rossi@inrim.it


Logo of the Mathmet platform

As part of the activities on metrology for the quality of life, INRIM is a member of MATHMET, the European Centre for Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology.

The aim of MATHMET is to provide a forum for metrological institutes, standardization bodies, academia and industry, on mathematics and statistics in metrology, by providing guidelines, developing software and promoting knowledge transfer through dedicated publications and workshops. 

Contact details: Alessandra Manzin a.manzin@inrim.it, Francesca Romana Pennecchi f.pennecchi@inrim.it, Luca Zilberti l.zilberti@inrim.it


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