Biomedical metrology

Traceable measurements and mathematical models in the field of medical physics and biomedical sciences

The activity intends to provide the metrological support, in terms of traceable measurement techniques and methods of analysis, to the medical physics and the biomedical sciences, with the aim of developing new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

In particular, INRIM develops standards, materials and methods to guarantee the traceability in the laboratory medicine and the implementation of new methodologies in nanomedicine. It provides the metrological support for the application of ultrasounds in medicine, with reference both to the characterization of new insonation systems and the preparation of tissue mimicking materials.

Moreover, INRIM develops mathematical and statistical methods and numerical modelling for the applications in the field of biomedical engineering, with specific reference to the electromagnetic dosimetry, the diagnostic quantitative MRI and the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques on micro and nanoscales.

Projects in progress
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