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Software to measure element mass fractions using the k0-NAA method

The k0-INRIM Software implements the measurement equation developed in the framework of Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) based on the k0-standardisation method to determine element mass fractions, including the uncertainty budgets, in agreement with the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM).

The program is freely distributed and its code is open source.

k0-INRIM software interface
  • Based on the open-source Python programming language
  • Easy step-by-step analysis workflow via intuitive graphical user interface
  • Latest k0-database (2018) included to recall nuclear data
  • Ortec GammaVision® and HyperLab® outputs accepted
  • Assisted gamma-peak identification and automatic detector calibration


  • Element mass fraction values and uncertainty budgets compiled in stand-alone and user adjustable Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets
  • Currie detection limits of the investigated elements

Download the Software User Manual and follow the instructions reported in Section 2 “Software Installation” (see also README.txt)

  • The executable installer works on Windows® 64-bit systems
  • k0-INRIM Version 1.0 (2019) was developed in Python language 3.6 and tested on Windows® 7-10
  • Python compiler version 3.6 or higher is mandatory to run k0-INRIM
  • Additional Python modules or Anaconda software package are required
  • See the Software User Manual for a complete description of the k0-INRIM
  • See the LICENSE for terms and conditions of the Software
  • See Section 5 “Getting started with k0-INRIM” of the Software User Manual to get used with the software via the experimental data included in the compressed Getting started files

The authors wish to thank in advance all the users who will provide feedbacks and suggestions for improving the software.

Authors / Contacts

Marco Di Luzio
Phone 0382 98 7038

Giancarlo D'Agostino
Phone 0382 98 7038

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