Metrology for energy and environment

Metrology and measurements for energy systems and environmental monitoring

The energy system has a strong impact on the environment; accurate and traceable measurements are a fundamental need to evaluate its status and efficiency, as well as the environmental perturbations introduced by the systems for production, transport and use of the energy.

To support a sustainable energy development, INRIM develops standards and sensors for the characterization of biofuels and refrigerant liquids, for the energy and efficiency measurements and power quality in the electrical grid and e-mobility systems and for the characterization of smart magnetic materials for energy harvesting applications.

In the environmental field, INRIM develops standards for the measurement of natural and anthropic atmospheric pollutants, such as greenhouse gases and precursors, by means of primary methods and it provides metrological support to the temperature measurements in the field of meteorology and climate studies. New statistical approaches are developed to ensure the traceability in the measurements of chemical parameters in the environmental field.

Projects in progress
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