Temperature metrology

New techniques and procedures for primary thermometry

The research activity is focused on the new definition of kelvin and its mise-en-pratique (MeP-K), through the set up of techniques, procedures and measurement systems, as well as the definition and implementation of new approaches to the primary thermometry.

  • The International Scale of Temperature (ITS-90) is realised in the range between 13 K and 2500 K and new fixed points are studied to its improvement.
  • Radiation thermometry techniques are studied to measure the thermodynamic temperature T, acoustic thermometry techniques are developed for primary applications in the range between 300 K and 1000 K and refraction thermometry techniques are studied for the measurement of (T-T90) in the range between 25 K and 273.16 K.
  • Experience in thermal metrology is provided to support spectroscopic techniques for thermodynamic measurements; moreover, Gas-Controlled Heat Pipes, as well as, specific calibration procedures are developed for scientific and technological applications.
  • Multi-spectral radiation thermometry techniques are studied for high temperature applications.
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