Device nanofabrication and characterisation

Superconducting devices fabrication
superconducting device laboratory

The laboratory develops superconducting devices for metrology and for sensor applications. In particular it deals with:

  • Josephson arrays for voltage standards that ensure the ultimate accuracy to the metrology of complex electronic signals,
  • nanoSQUIDS capable of ultrasensitive detection of nanoparticles,
  • single photon detectors for quantum computation and information,
  • Niobium nanowires for studying superconductivity in low dimensional systems.
 INRIM standard of length at the nanoscale

The laboratory develops materials and metamaterials with optical properties configured a priori for environmental sensing and photonics.

Nanostructures for studying the interaction effects between light and materials are realised with self-assembly techniques; nanoscale devices for generation, guiding and coupling of single-photon sources have been developed.

Research activity on optically reconfigurable polymeric microstructures for surface engineering is currently in progress.

Fabrication methods and reference structures for micrometre to nanometre scales have been developed for improving the lateral resolution in SIMS, Raman and X rays techniques.

Nanofacility Piemonte
Piedmont Nanofacility laboratory

Piedmont Laboratory for nanofabrication through electron and ion beam

The laboratory, funded by Compagnia di San Paolo and opened in 2009, hosts the following equipment:

  • Quanta 3D FEG DualBeam, dual beam microscope equipped with field-emission electron source (SEM-FEG) and focused ion optics (FIB) for 2D and 3D material characterisation and sample preparation through ion milling

  • InspectF, scanning electron microscope with field-emission source (SEM-FEG) for high-resolution material inspection and sample elemental analysis through energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS)

  • X'Pert PRO MPD, multipurpose X-ray diffractometer for thin film analysis (glancing angle geometry) and for bulk materials (conventional Bragg-Brentano geometry)

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