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In its role as National Metrological Institute, INRIM provides the measurement traceability by means of a comprehensive measurement, testing and calibration portfolio with over 400 services available in the field of mechanics, thermodynamics, time and frequency, electricity, photometry and acoustics.

The Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) recognised by the CIPM-MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) are published in the Annex C of such agreement and are currently available at the BIPM Website. All calibration and measurement certificates recognised by the CIPM-MRA are clearly labelled with the CIPM MRA logo.

The metrology services are all implemented under its Quality Management System (QMS) which complies with the ISO / IEC 17025. The measurement traceability also complies to the ILAC-P10 “ILAC Policy on Traceability of Measurement Results.”

INRIM is also recognised as a testing laboratory from the Association for the Certification of Electrical Appliances (ACAE, member of LOVAG - Low Voltage Agreement Group), thus issuing LOVAG ACAE test reports in selected electrical test areas.


INRIM plans and advertises in advance selected calibration services. At certain times of the year the institute performs calibration of selected instruments in specific technical areas.

The simultaneous calibration of a batch of similar instruments streamlines the process, ensures a more organised service, and offers customers cost-effective calibrations.

Further information about the "Planned Calibrations” is available in the Events section on INRIM home page.

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Interlaboratory Comparisons (ILCs) are widely used tools to test the proficiency of a calibration laboratory -either accredited or not yet accredited - in the relevant measurement field. They are an important element for monitoring the quality of a calibration result according to to the ISO / IEC 17025 p. 5.9 and an effective tool to assess the technical competence of a participant laboratory often finalised to obtain a formal accreditation of its calibration services.

INRIM organises ILC exercises in line with the ISO / IEC 17043. It is accepted by the Italian AOB as an ILC provider (ACCREDIA RT 36 pt 5.1) and is included EA LC LC list of ILC providers (EA LC WG ILC Calibration).

Any ILC includes an initial calibration of a travelling standard by a Reference laboratory having CMCs appropriate to the comparison (such as INRIM) and the circulation of the standard among the participating  calibration laboratories.  The calibration results of the Reference laboratory and the participating laboratories are compared by means of statistical methods, such as those listed in Annex B of ISO / IEC 17043 (e.g., normalised error En).

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Information about new ILC runs is through an email with technical details and costs to relevant laboratories. Information about ILCs is also available in the Events section on the INRIM home page.

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