Metrology in chemistry deals with a wide variety of measurements for the quantification of chemical substances that are present in a number of matrices at very different concentration levels for sectors like environment, energy, health, food safety.

Metrological traceability of chemical measurement results is assured by the use of primary methods, the development and characterisation of suitable reference materials and the calibration of analytical instruments.

The participation in international measurement comparisons organised in the framework of CCQM and EURAMET guarantees the equivalence among the services offered by the various national metrology institutes, giving a sound and metrologically traceable basis for the calibration services both at European and international levels.

An essential aspect to assure the traceability and the dissemination of the units related to chemical measurements is the participation in campaigns for the characterization and certification of reference materials proposed by metrology institutes and international organisations like NIST, IAEA, JRC-IRMM.

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