Temperature is one of the most frequently measured physical quantities in science and technology; typically for thermal control and monitoring of processes in a variety of fields such as the metallurgical and chemical industry, the environment, the healthcare, etc.  

But thermometry is not only applied to temperature measurements for thermal control, but also to obtain an indirect measure of various properties such as relative humidity (by means of wet bulb or dew-point temperatures) or thermophysical properties of materials (through an appropriate thermal analysis)

INRIM’s laboratories in thermometry area provide services based on over 90 calibration and measurement capability (CMC) recognized at international level and included in Appendix C of the CIPM Mutual Recognized Agreement (MRA).

They also periodically organize calibration interlaboratory comparison (ILC) and meet specific needs on applied thermal metrology problems coming to public or private stakeholder by training, participation in research projects and industrial collaborations.

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