Time and Frequency

The second has a special role in the international system of units (SI) because it is the unit that can be realised with the best accuracy. Besides, accurate measurement of time has several beneficial consequences on technology e.g. the localization accuracy of global navigation satellite systems, as GPS, GALILEO, etc., tightly rely on the accuracy of time measurement.

The laboratory provides calibration and traceability to the national primary standards and participates to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and provides the Calibration Measurement Capabilities (CMC) of Time & Frequency metrological area.

Its calibration capacities are:

  • Remote calibration of oscillators by means of the broadcasted GPS signal;
  • Calibration of commercial Cs beam standards and Rb oscillators;
  • Calibration of the time base of electronic counter and signal generators;
  • Calibration on sites of oscillators led by the GPS signal;
  • Characterization of oscillators instability;
  • Calibration of systems for the network synchronisation (NTP)   

The laboratory takes part to the periodic key comparisons for frequency between the metrological laboratories.

Furthermore, INRIM will be able to give the traceability to the UTC for stock markets accordingly to the  Market in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) that is under approval.

Time and frequency calibrations
Network synchronisation (NTP)
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