"Modelling analysis of miniaturized magnetic field sensors for magnetic nanoparticle detection"

Courses in Physics, Physical Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Thesis for Master of Science degree (second academic degree)

Tutor: Alessandra Manzin

Description of the activities:
The aim of the proposed activity is the analysis, by means of advanced numerical models, of magnetoelectronic devices based on nanostructured systems for the development of novel high sensitivity magnetic field sensors. In this framework, the attention will be focused on the detection of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications (biomolecular targeting, drug delivery, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic hyperthermia therapy). After a specific training on the physical models and their numerical implementation, the applicant will perform related simulations in the High Performance Computing Lab of Biomedical Metrology Program, by using ad-hoc numerical codes previously developed and validated at INRIM.

Openings: 1

Proposal validity:  from September 2017, no final date

Contacts:  a.manzin@inrim.it, +39 011 3919 825

NOTES: direct contact required

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