"Study and characterisation of nanoparticles for biomedical applications: hyperthermia and hysteresis losses"

Courses in Physics, Materials Science, Physical Engineering, Materials Engineering

Internship for first degree courses or thesis for Master of Science degree (second academic degree) 

Tutor: Marco Coisson

Description of the activities:
Experimental thesis, aimed at the study and at the physical characterisation of magnetic nanoparticles (mostly ferrites with different substitutional elements) for biomedical applications. The activity will consist in hyperthermia measurements on the nanoparticles (heat released by them under the stimulus of an electromagnetic field of characteristics adequate for clinical applications) dispersed in a water solution. Possible applications will involve cancer treatment. Hyperthermia properties will be correlated with magnetic hysteresis measurements, both static and dynamic, and with structural properties. The applicant will be trained to operate autonomously in the laboratory and to analyse the data, and will work side-by-side with the research group involved in this subject.

Openings: 1

Proposal validity:  from 15/05/2017, no final date

Contacts: m.coisson@inrim.it, +39 011 3919 855

NOTES: direct contact required

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