"Wave-front stability and aberration analysis for LISA gravitational-wave antenna"

Courses in Physics and in Physical Engineering

Internship for first degree courses or thesis for Master of Science degree (second academic degree) 

Tutor: Carlo Sasso

Description of the activities:
Theoretical and numerical work to define criteria for the quality of a truncated Gaussian beam which includes the effects of beam propagation and which can be translated into specifications for the LISA mission. These criteria shall cover the specific application for which the mission is intended (extremely long baseline heterodyne interferometry applied to the detection of gravitational waves) and shall be used to build error budgets for the optical performances.
The student will be involved in the theoretical study of the effect of wavefront aberrations on the heterodyne noise on the detector. The student will learn the basics of wave optics as well as the use of simulation tools for optics

Openings: 1

Proposal validity: from 30/09/2017

Contacts: c.sasso@inim.it, +39 011 3919 912

NOTES: direct contact required

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